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Drugs in Sport

Ok so I thought that I’d start my weekly blog with a huge topic that is very passionate with quite a lot of people.

Drugs In Sport

Can this problem ever be solved - in my opinion - no it never will

I am so sick and tired of seeing the headlines, and of the athletes that have been robbed of their moment of glory. You know the ones. They came second at the Olympics or any other sporting contest only to find out 5-10years later that they were robbed, all because the 1st place getter was found to be taking drugs.

This is so negative - in so may ways. 1. It stops the actual real winner of their moment in the sun, but more than that - it also stops them from not only that moment and world recognition - it puts a moment in time forward of them being second - and losing not only the Gold on the day - it also stops them from benefiting financially - both prize money and endorsements following the win.

And in turn - ruining a promising career - all because someone else ( first place getter ) was stupid.

So there has to be a better way - this simply can not continue. Some of you may not agree - but I think I have come up with at least a fairer system for all.

My Resolve is - Financial Surety

My idea is quite simple in execution - but will have massive impact. You see a lot of sporting faturnity will not agree with what I am about to say - but I see it as a massive step forward - and if you have nothing to hide - then I simply do not see a problem.

I see it working like this :

Both professional and amateur - whatever your prize money is and whatever endorsements are - then 20% should be held over by the governing body in a secure account - for a period of 10 years 

In that time - if the athlete has been positive tested to a banned substance ( and no I am not talking about a simple headache tablet - there will have to be a set criteria of what is considered of being performance enhancing ) then not only will the second place getter receive the medal - trophy - but they will also receive the 20% of funds associated with that win and the 20% of endorsements of which has been set aside by that body )

The positive tested athlete - will then be banned for life from competing.

I know that this might seem really harsh - however - you tell that to the athletes that have been robbed from a trophy / medal - it has quite often wrecked their career and has giving then a different life path from the one of which they deserved.

After the 10 year period that the athlete has proven to be clean - then of course they will have released to them those funds that were taken from them.

Now I can see all sorts of people having problems with this - including Coaches , Managers, Sporting Bodies, Athletes etc

But you have to ask yourself - are we really serious about stamping out Drugs in sport - or is  just a good convenient headline ?

Is there a better option - well maybe - but I have not come across it yet. What are your thoughts on this ? - do you see it as something workable ?

At least it will get the sporting bodies out there talking - something really needs to be done - I have kicked off the ball - who is game enough to run with me

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